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Ginger MartinFraxel patient Ginger Martin

Seeing Herself Differently at 50

Ginger Martin had worn glasses most of her life. When she had laser surgery last year at the age of 49 and didn't need glasses anymore, she was surprised by what she saw in the mirror. "I looked 10 years older than I thought I did," says Ginger. That eye-opening experience left Ginger wanting to look "more fresh and youthful."

Ginger lives in Marietta, Georgia and has four daughters, four grandchildren and a busy job as the office manager of a real estate title company, where she handles corporate events and entertainment. She has been divorced for 10 years and would like to remarry in the near future. She would also like to increase her self-confidence in her personal life and at work. "I am working again with a lot of younger women," she says. "The competition in the workplace can be trying. I could definitely use a lift."

Fraxel® Laser Treatment has given her the lift she wanted. After her fifth and final treatment, Ginger is impressed with her results. "The results are amazing. I have no doubt my treatments will improve my self-confidence, both personally and professionally," she says. Ginger has been dieting and exercising since the treatments began to look better overall. "It has given me a boost to be the best I can be at 50," she adds.

Taking the First Step

But she wasn't always so sure. Before her first treatment, she was nervous. She wondered if it would hurt and what she would look like after the treatment. After some internal debating, she gave the go-ahead and had her hands and face treated. Her hands began to swell. Her face stung and then began to puff up in the car on the way home. She stayed in most of the weekend, but over the next few days following treatment, the swelling subsided and she saw improvements in her skin. With Ginger's second treatment seven days later, she had very little swelling. She had a normal, busy weekend, exercising and walking 10 miles with her boyfriend. By her third treatment, the results were really starting to show. "After all of the sun worshipping I did over the years, I doubted that even coarse sandpaper could remove my sun spots! But I was looking great," she says. "My cheeks looked like a baby's."

A little more than a month after her first treatment, Ginger just had two more Friday treatments left. The cumulative results continued to improve through her fourth treatment and then her fifth and final treatment. Swelling and redness that were more typical with the first couple of treatments decreased. "I looked like I had a sunburn. My face was hot, but not blistered or in pain," she says.

For Ginger, her early morning trips to the doctor and some minor discomfort with her first couple of treatments were more than overshadowed by the outcome. "Again, the results have been amazing. My oldest daughter commented on how smooth my face looked. I had a passport photo taken for an upcoming trip to Egypt and my skin looked so refreshed and pretty," says Ginger.

Kathleen Horay
Overcoming a Difficult Year

Fraxel patient Kathleen HorayEven as she endured a harrowing year that included her mother's death and her own bouts with breast and bone cancer, Kathleen Horay strove to demonstrate a positive attitude. She continues to maintain her positive outlook as she works to keep up a healthy lifestyle for both body and mind. As a personal treat, she wanted to have Fraxel® Laser Treatment to help reduce the signs of aging in her face. "I wanted the treatment performed so that the outside of my body would match the positive inside of me." says Kathleen.

Kathleen is a divorced mother of two who is expecting her first grandchild in December. She is excited to be a grandmother, but as she says, "I don't want to look like one." To stay in shape, she likes to workout at the gym and power walk. She also likes to cook, read and spend time with her children.

Two months and three treatments later, Kathleen has regained her more youthful appearance and the confidence she lost during her difficult year. She says her skin is smooth and the fine lines around her eyes are gone. "I think the greatest impact the treatment is having on my life is that it has given me back the confidence and attractiveness that I had lost after my fight with cancer," says Kathleen.

The Starting Point

Kathleen was nervous before her first treatment, but when she arrived at her doctor's office, they helped calm her nerves by thoroughly explaining the procedure. A topical anesthetic was applied to her face to keep discomfort to a minimum. Kathleen says the treatment felt like a bad sunburn, but she applied ice packs at home to cool her face and ease swelling. She awoke the next day with some swelling, but still went to work. Her swelling was completely gone a couple of days later. Just a week after her first treatment, her friends and co-workers could already see a difference in her skin. "I felt really good that the results were starting to show after just one treatment," says Kathleen.

Her second treatment followed a couple of weeks later and then her third treatment a few weeks after that. Both treatments had similar side effects to the first one - some swelling and redness that decreased each day until it disappeared several days after the treatment. However, the results kept getting better and better, more and more noticeable and significantly improving with each treatment. After three treatments, Kathleen was really seeing the results she wanted. "Friends and co-workers can't believe how nice my skin looks," she says. "It has really made a difference in the way I look at myself and feel about myself. Best of all, I have lost the stressed-out look in my face and feel pretty again."


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