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A myringoplasty is a simple procedure where the surgeon repairs a small hole in the eardrum usually left after removing a ventilation tube.


  • You may change the small Band-Aid and cotton whenever necessary
  • Do not allow the ear to get wet.
  • Do not remove anything packing in the ear canal (you may not be able to tell it is there, but if your hearing feels blocked, don’t try to clear it).
  • If you have any stitches, keep them clean and dry.  You will return to the office about 6 days after surgery to have the stitches removed.
  • Do not allow shampoo, soap or water on the stitches.
  • Do not lie flat; use 3 pillows to keep your head up at night.
  • Do not use alcohol while taking pain medication.
  • Do not return to housework, yard work, or your job until your surgeon tells you it is OK.
  • Avoid coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose.  If you must sneeze, keep your mouth wide open.
  • No gym class for 1-4 weeks depending upon whether or not the middle ear bones were operated on.
  • If your work involves heavy lifting or is very strenuous, you will need to be out of work for 2 weeks.
  • If you notice any dizziness, bloody drainage or drainage that looks like pus or if you have increasing pain, call the office.
  • Your first post-op visit will be about 1 week after the surgery.

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