Rest at home for the next two days with your head up on at least two pillows, or in an easy chair.

Do no housework.  Do no cooking.  Let others wait on you.  Get up only to go to the bathroom, or to the refrigerator.  Foods, liquids, baths or showers should not be warmer than body temperature (lukewarm, no steam).

After two days (48 hours), if you have had no more bleeding, you may resume some of your normal activities.  There are important restrictions, however, for the first week after the nose bleed.  No prolonged bending is allowed (longer than it takes to pick one thing off the floor), no lifting anything heavier than 20 pounds.  Foods, liquids, showers and baths should still be lukewarm for the whole week.

If there is packing in your nose, the doctor will schedule you to come back to the office in 2-5 days to have this removed.  When this occurs depends on your condition and the severity of the nosebleed.

If your nose is packed you can expect there to be increases in mucous production from your nose due to the irritation from the packing.  This may be brown or pink since it washes out the old blood from your nose.

Do not take any products containing aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Ibuprofen, or any of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs commonly prescribed for arthritis.  If you are not sure if you take one of these medications, ask the doctor or nurse.  You should not take any of these medications for at least one week because they can prevent you from forming the blood clots that stop nosebleeds.  If you are prone to nosebleeds, you should never take any of these medications.  You may take Tylenol for any aches, pains, or fever.

If your nose starts bleeding and it is packed, call the office.  If your nose is not packed, blow out any clots, spray in Neo-Synephrine or Afrin and pinch together between two fingers the part of your nose below your nasal bones tightly for ten minutes.  If the bleeding is still severe while you are pinching or if the bleeding starts up after you let go, call the office during business hours or go to the Emergency Room if it is after hours.


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