1.  You may experience some nasal discomfort. If it is mild, use regular Tylenol every 4 hours.  If you are more uncomfortable, use the pain medication that the Doctor prescribed for you.  Pain meds may cause nausea, light headdress and/or restlessness (unable to sleep). Be careful.

2.  Keep your head elevated on several pillows at night for the first few nights to facilitate drainage and decrease swelling.

3.  Your intranasal silastic splints will be removed one week after surgery.  On the day that you come in to have the splints removed, take your prescription pain medication or Tylenol.  Have a light meal 1-2 hours prior to your appointment and inhale steam or take a shower to moisten your nose.

4.  The evening after your surgery, you should begin using your saline solution.  Salinex nasal spray two sprays each nostril every 3 hours to rinse out your nose, and apply Cortisporin ointment into your nose three times a day using a Q-tip and inserting it about 1/2 inch.  This will help to heal the tissues and prevent infection.

5.  Do not blow your nose for one week or until otherwise instructed as you will bleed and possibly cause more serious problems.  Sneeze with your mouth open.

6.  Do not smoke or drink alcohol after surgery.  Do not exercise, lift heavy objects or participate in sports for 3 weeks.  Healing takes between 2-6 weeks.

7. Keep your environment well humidified. Inhaling steam helps moisten dry nasal tissues. Boil water and inhale steam for 10-15 minutes two times a day. If you use a vaporizer, keep it clean. Do not inhale the steam directly from the vaporizer as it may promote infection.

8. If you have bleeding, sit up straight, pinch the nostrils gently together and hold for 10 minutes. If the bleeding continues, spray Neo-Synephrine nasal spray into nose, then apply Cortisporin ointment and pinch nostrils together again for 10 minutes. If the bleeding persists, call the office.

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