Swan LogoPost-Operative Instructions for Vocal Cord Stripping

  • Expect discomfort, especially on swallowing, for a few days after your procedure.  Use Extra Strength Tylenol or your prescription pain medication if you need it.  Also, a soft diet (liquids as desired, scrambled eggs, ice cream, etc.) may be more comfortable for you the first few days after your procedure.  NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL!!
  • For any vocal cord surgery, expect hoarseness for several days to several weeks.  DO NOT SPEAK for at least three days; then use your voice minimally for one to two weeks after your procedure.  You will find it helpful to carry a pad and pen to write notes instead.


  • Repeated coughing or attempts to “clear” the throat will only make you more hoarse, so does whispering or attempting to “force” the voice.  Drinking extra liquids or using lozenges may help – so will a vaporizer or standing in the shower for extra humidity.
  • Be sure to keep your RECHECK APPOINTMENT.


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